Chenab River Bridge

Engineering marvel of India

Chenab River Bridge is a part of Kashmir railway project constructed by Ministry of Railways, India. This is the world’s tallest rail bridge constructed by Kokan Railway Corporation Limited of Indian railways. Chenab River Bridge is amongst one of the 22 bridges across the railway line.

Highlights of Chenab River Bridge Project:-

  • Deck height (height above river bed):- 359 m (1,178 ft), (height above river surface): 322 m (1,056 ft)
  • Bridge length:- 1,315 m (4,314 ft), including the 650 m (2,130 ft) long viaduct on the northern side
  • Arch span:- 467 m (1,532 ft)
  • Arch length:- 480 m (1,570 ft)
  • Date of Foundation :- 2004
  • Lifespan of Bridge: – 120 years.
  • Cost of Project:- Initially a cost of Rs.1,110 crores and now 1250 Cr (The wire)
  • Konkan Railway has been given the responsibility to execute the Kashmir rail link work, which is a national project.
  • Project conception and family tree, Work Breakdown Structures and Drawing Breakdown Structures of Chenab River Project. (Click on this Link for more Information)
  • Likely Completion Date: – So far, 83% of the work has been completed. December 2021

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Location of Project:-

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World’s Tallest railway Bridge Record:-

Chenab Bridge is 1,315m long bridge is being built at a height of 359m, which is 35 meters taller than Eiffel tower in Paris. Chenab bridge is said to be the highest railway bridge in the world. At present the highest bridge is 275 meters tall Shui Bai railway bridge in Guizhou province of China.

Design and Features :-

Following are some of the design considerations taken into account:
• Limit state philosophy of design has been decided to be followed as per BS codes
• Computation of wind load effects as per wind tunnel tests
• Site specific seismic spectra developed by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee (Earthquake Analysis)
• Provision of Euro code 8 for ductility detailing of very tall and hollow rectangular RCC piers
• Provision of long welded rail (LWR) over the bridges and resulting force calculation as per UIC – 774-3R guidelines
• Blast resistant design used
• Design checking for fatigue as per BS codes
• Deformation limits as per comfort criteria of UIC – 776-2R and UIC 776 -3R guidelines
• Redundancy provided in the structures, for lower level of operation during mishaps and against collapse in extreme cases of one pier failure. (Source- Wikipedia)

15 Facts of Chenab Bridge Video

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15 stunning facts about the ongoing Chenab River bridge project

  1. Chenab bridge is at 359 metres above the river bed, will be 35 metres taller than Paris’s Eiffel Tower and five times the height of Qutub Minar! (Just Imagine this height)
  2. The bridge will include 17 spans, as well as the 469m main arch span across the Chenab River, and viaducts on either side. The main span of the bridge will include two 36m-long approach spans.
  3. The deck of the bridge is partly in straight horizon and partly in curves. It is located on a transition curve with changing radius. Construction is therefore being carried out in stages following the gradual change in the alignment. This is the first time a bridge is being constructed incrementally on a transition curve.
  4. The bridge will include a 14m-wide dual carriageway and a 1.2m-wide central verge. Cable cranes and derrick will be used to construct the bridge. The cable cranes used for the project will be the largest in the world. Additionally, footpaths, as well as cycle trails, will also be developed adjacent to it.
  5. The bridge can withstand up to 40 kg of TNT blast and a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. Train can be operated at a speed of 30 km per hour, even after the blast. Also, such high-intensity blasts cannot damage any of the bridge pillars.
  6. Considering the area prone to terror attacks, to ensure the Chenab Bridge’s sturdiness, it is being built with 63 mm-thick special blast-proof steel.
  7. The bridge is being made of Steel and concrete. Structural Steel can resist temperatures of -20 degree C and wind speeds of above 260 km/h.
  8. Chenab Bridge has also been designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 260 km per hour. Sensors will be installed on the bridge to check the wind velocity. Signal on the track will turn red, if wind exceeds the speed of 90 km per hour, preventing the movement of the train.
  9. It is estimated that the bridge will need 25,000 mt of steel, 4,000 mt of reinforced steel, 46,000m³ of concrete, and eight million m³ of excavation.
  10. A ring of aerial security is also likely to be provided to safeguard the bridge. 
  11. The concrete pillars of the bridge have been painted with a special corrosion-resistant paint, which lasts for a period of 15 years.
  12. For the first time, self-compacting concrete is being utilized for filling steel boxes as well as for ends of plate girders.
  13. A blast lab has also been set up at the site to test steel plates. Each high-grade steel plate is being tested before being used in the project. The girder plates are eight-meter-long each. Heavy equipment’s were brought at site with the help of helicopters.
  14. It is designed for a lifespan of 120 years. It will contribute to the economic development of the state and help in providing better transportation accessibility within the state and the country.
  15. The 325-km-long Kashmir rail link project is said to be the most expensive stretch out of the entire 66,000-km rail line in the country. (Source:- Financial Express)


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