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“FIRST TEACHER OF OUR LIFE” Every Human being in this Universe Learn from some person or instances in their life. These Persons and those situations, which always taught us to Learn and Succeed in Life are our TRUE TEACHERS. Our Parents are Our First Teachers. Anyone can be a teacher irrespective of ability, caste, gender, …

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Thinking Ability

Thinking Ability

How does our Thinking ability effect us? There are two types of thinkers- Negative thinkers and positive thinkers. They are all surrounded around us. May be you are one of them!&nbsp; Although we all may sometimes think negative and sometimes positive based on the <strong>SITUATION and FEAR.</strong> What can be the Situation ? Many situations …

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Story of Self Healing

Every Human being in universe have capability to self heal oneself. Self-healing is a process of recovering

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