About Civilok

This website is a small initiative, to share information related to Civil Engineering and Latest happenings around the world. In this huge information world where “Knowledge is wealth”, Sharing Study materials via various blogs, to boost up knowledge is the only motto of the Author and Creator of this Website.

*Creating Enthusiasm and Motivating my viewers will be the prime mission of this website, civilok.in. Since we all are social animals and, are so much likely to face emotional challenges in life, motivation now and then is our prime need, to face all difficulties.

This is not just a Website. This is an emotion of the Author, inspired by Parents, Gods Grace, my Guides and Obviously my Well wishers  and all Lovely Students. 


Civil Engineering

Pages are created for Diploma/ B-Tech/ M-Tech Structure Students. Useful Notes/ Study Material will be shared from time to time as per requirement of Students.


Latest Trends

This Section is all about latest Trends and Technologies that are sparking around related to Civil Engineering and Technology. 

This section of Website will help students and Individual to motivate themselves when they get nervous about anything not happening good in their life.

Author and Creator of this Website is Post Graduated in Structural Engineering after completing B-tech in Civil Engineering. Author loves to write some useful contents related to true facts and happenings in our surrounding. 

Believe in yourself. Everything is possible if we think so. Love and affection are the only tools to keep our surrounding happy….                        …….. Alokkumar Mondal

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