Thinking Ability

Thinking Ability

How does our Thinking ability effect us?

There are two types of thinkers- Negative thinkers and positive thinkers. They are all surrounded around us. May be you are one of them!  Although we all may sometimes think negative and sometimes positive based on the SITUATION and FEAR.

What can be the Situation ? Many situations allows us to think negative and we are helpless and cannot overcome from it. Situations can be like,  “Situation of failures”, ” Disloyalty with your near ones”, “Situation in any accident”, “Sad moments” etc.

Similarly “FEAR” is also responsible to make you to think negative. FEAR has more impact in negative thinking. Every negative thought has some sort of fear behind it.

Consequences of thinking Negative?

If i say that, there are no consequences as such, of Negative thinking, will you believe?

Yes, it is true, actually there are no such consequences of negative thinking, unless and until you face any harsh/ difficult situation. Such difficult situations creates FEAR and there start’s negative thinking and finally leads to consequences.

If you are habitually a negative thinker, (sometimes over thinking) several consequences will occur:

  1. You might not achieve your goals/ target in a particular time frame as thought by you.
  2. You may fail again and again.
  3. You will feel sad all the time.
  4. You may start blaming yourself all the time.
  5. You will find that your friends no longer want to be around you.
  6. You might feel alone and lonely.

How to Stop thinking Negative?

Frankly speaking, there is no way to stop negative thinking. But you can divert your mind from such negative thoughts.

  • Some Situations which leads to negative thoughts, can be overcome, since it is for time being. Build Positive Attitude.
  • FEAR differs from person to person and also depends on situation. Positive thinking can overcome fear, but your determination to overcome from negative thinking should be of prime importance.
  • FEAR can be controlled by accepting TRUTH and Reality.
  • If you build an ability of thinking positive, then you can overcome yourself.
  • Remember that negative thoughts and Fear leads to failure whereas POSITIVE THINKING, your DETERMINATION, TRUTH and COURAGE will lead you towards success.


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