Story of Self Healing

Negative thinking?

How does Negative thinking arise?

Understanding Self Healing capabilities is understanding yourself. 

In every human Being, negative thinking arises in our thought due to some fear, failure, care and worry. Many a times we try to stop yourself from over thinking, but our weak emotions, don’t let it happen. 

 Failure can be anything like, 

  1. Students failing in exam.
  2. Any Person’s incapability to fulfill family’s expectations/need.
  3. Love failure
  4. And many more
Whenever we fail in any aspect of our life, we start thinking that,
  • Why i had failed? 
  • How i had failed? 
  • What to do now? 
  • I am ashamed?
  • How will i face others now?

Most of the time we start with a negative node, like – “Everything has ended”. This thought make us more helpless and we start loosing belief in our-self and we start surrounding ourselves with negative thought. This happens because of our weak emotions. Excessive negative thinking will impart excessive stress in our life. We may start loosing our “will power” due to excessive of negative thinking.

Self Healing capabilities?

What will happen if we develop self healing capabilities?

Why i am saying Self- Healing Capabilities. In any of the above case – it is all about our self-thoughts. Negative thoughts make us weak. 

Self-healing is a process of recovering oneself from negative thoughts and building our emotional power. 


  • Your ability:- We all have ability to heal oneself, this should be your prime thinking. Thinking ability should be changed. 
  • Start Positive:- Start with a positive thought always. Positive thoughts support us with energy and help us to recover from any negative thought soon.
  • Surpass the difficulty level:- In any kind of problem, example- Failed in a subject, Breakup with Girlfriend, Father/Mother Scolded for any reason, Met with an accident, Someone very close passes away etc. in all this cases, keep one thing i mind “DONT BLAME YOURSELF”. Blaming yourself is not the solution for any of the cause. We may be not the reason for what happened nor we could do anything at that time. 
  • Divert your mind:- This is most beautiful process/ ability that a human being can adapt. We should divert our  feeling/ thought/ emotions. This will help you to recover soon. 
  • Your Thought is your Power:- Remember one thing, what we think in our mind will hurt us more rather than when others scold us.

Final words about Self- Healing capabilities?

  1. Understanding and accepting the truth, reviving yourself, not blaming yourself, will help you to self-heal yourself faster.
  2. Emotional Stability and belief in yourself, help you to recover fast.
  3. There is no challenge to the positive thinkers.
  4. Free your Mind from Negativity.
  5. Reboot and Restart mind system, with a fresh start whenever needed. 

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